Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder

Melkweg Fat filled milk powders is an effective substitute for Full Cream milk powders.
Our Fat filled powders are skimmed milk wet-blended with vegetable fat before spray drying.

Product description
Fat filled milk powder is produced by blending skimmed milk with vegetable fat in the liquid phase before drying, vitamins (in some brands), sugar and soya or rapeseed lecithin.
There are different types of vegetable fats being used. In some of our brands palm oil has been used while in other brands this includes a mixture of palm oil and coconut oil. The vegetable fat content in our fat filled milk powders varies between 26%, 28% to 30%. 

In fat filled milk powders the proteins are coming from non-fat milk solids. The protein content in our fat filled powders varies between  20%, 24% to 26% protein.


  • Yoghurts
  • Bakeries and Pastries
  • Ice cream
  • Lait Caillé (traditional yoghurt in West Africa)
  • Beverages (Coffee, Tea)

Product benefits

  • Cost efficient alternative for Full cream milk powder
  • Fat filled milk powders are more resistant to oxidation and hydrolysis
  • Nutritionally fortified with added vitamin A & D

Standard Packaging

25 kg multilayer paper bag with PE-lining

Our fat filled powders have a shelf life of 24 months.

Product origin:

Our fat filled milk powders originate from Ireland, Poland and The Netherlands.





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